Australian Landscapes

See more Australian Landscape images from my travels… Australia has diverse landscapes. From arid deserts, stunning beaches, lush rainforests, rivers, lakes, snow capped mountains. Uluru, Central Australia Nariel Creek, Victoria Devils Marbles, Northern Territory Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland Ubirr – Kakadu National Park See more Australian Landscape images from my travels…   Australian Landscapes   Continue reading Australian Landscapes

Aussie Tree Bark

UNIQUE – SURVIVORS – FASCINATING Australian Tree Bark Series Images by Lexa Harpell. A close up look at some of the unique Aussie Tree Bark – colours, textures, patterns. The uniqueness of Australian native plants comes from its isolated geography dating back 50 million years ago – after separating from Gondwana. Around 800 native Gum Trees (eucalypts) have been identified from over the 24,000 native Australian plant species. Over … Continue reading Aussie Tree Bark

Iconic Aussie Corrugated Iron

Aussie Corrugated Galvanised Iron Series by Lexa Harpell. A close up collection of the great Aussie icon – ‘gal iron’. Shapes, colours and its spectacular corroding colours and textures – found mainly in rural New South Wales, Australia on my travels. Most were shot in heavy rain, enhancing the colours vibrancy. Corrugated galvanised iron became a strong Australian cultural identity and ‘gal iron’ ‘tin roof’ an … Continue reading Iconic Aussie Corrugated Iron

Central Australia

Central Australia Images VIBRANT AND REMOTE     Central Australia also known as The Red Centre It’s a long way to reach Central Australia. 1,500kms south of Darwin – 1,600kms north of Adelaide – 3,000kms east of Brisbane – 3,600kms west of Perth. Hundreds of kms between towns. The roads are long and somewhat vacant. Only occasionally seeing another vehicle, once in a while you pass a lone cyclist and those … Continue reading Central Australia

Kakadu National Park Australia

Kakadu National Park Images A Timeless Wilderness – Kakadu National Park is one of only 25 World Heritage sites listed for both cultural and natural values to humanity. *Australia has four in this category.  Breathtaking vistas over the flood plains from Ubirr – 50,000yr old Ancient Rock Art – Yellow Water Billabong – BIG Crocodiles – Infinity Rock Pools of Gumlon – Jim Jim Falls – incredible Rockscapes – Kakadu … Continue reading Kakadu National Park Australia

Outback Australia Images

Outback Australia Images REMOTE – VAST – RAW     Three words that epitomises the Australian Outback! Spending five months travelling through northwest Queensland and the Northern Territory – driving along remote unsealed roads (where my campervan could take me), the vibrant red dirt settled in every nook possible – even on my toothbrush!  Staying at remote cattle stations – hiking for hours through remote gorges and canyons, wading waist deep through rivers … Continue reading Outback Australia Images