Bondi Stories – Memories of my home town

The Balconies Story: link As a child growing up in Bondi, we often swam at Bondi Baths located in Notts Avenue. We would have to pass this building where we would dare each other to run up the stairs through the building to exit on Campbell Parade. It was dark and scary, a few unsavoury men lived in the building who would throw their brown beer bottles on the … Continue reading Bondi Stories – Memories of my home town

Bondi Stories

  What a great find!!!   Bondi Stories is a literary journal publishing diverse genres, including poetry, fiction, reflective and scholarly essays, memoirs, review essays and interviews; covering the history, culture and people of Bondi Beach, Australia. Bondi Stories tells the personal interesting stories of the real Bondi of what I grew up knowing. Wonderful images dating back to the late 1800’s showing Bondi’s evolution as one the most recognised beaches … Continue reading Bondi Stories