Donegal Fiddle Week – Robust – Trance – Mesmerising

I lucked out when I caught the bus on the wrong side of the road to go back to Dublin. Instead I turned up at Glencolmcille in time for Donegal Fiddle Week. This yearly event brings the best of the Donegal fiddle players together to teach – and around 100 players eager to learn come from around the globe to learn.

It’s an eclectic jam packed week – lessons all day and sessions in the pubs to the wee hours in the morning – playing continuously – trance like.

The Donegal music is more robust and at times quite fast in comparison to the fiddle players in other county’s of Ireland. I guess the tunes are inspired by their surrounds – Donegal’s landscape is made up of rock, mountains and the wild Atlantic – rather than the gentle rolling hills of their neighbours.

One thing I found is that the musicians come together for the music – rather than entertaining the pub’s patrons – their music is personal.

The line up began with a concert of three great Donegal Fiddle players, including Danny Meehan.

P1730345  P1730347

P1730353  P1730453

The pubs were packed night after night.

Bob 2  For Anna

P1730826 P1730844

P1730911  P1730798

The drinking flowed all night.

P1740175  P1740103

P1740382-001 - Copy  P1740552

Time for a break and discussions.

P1740542-001  P1740500

Back to more serious playing.

P1740450  P1740435-001 - Copy

For Dermot and Peter  P1730508

It’s not restricted to Fiddles either – as long as you know the tunes they are playing!P1740003

Even if you don’t play (like myself) – it is an exciting week to be part of and enjoy some of Ireland’s amazing Traditional Music!!!

PS trying to take images in pubs at night filled with poor light, filled with moving people is quite a challenge. Don’t expect clear, sharp images.  haha


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