Glen Lough, Donegal – Desolate – Bold – Silent

It took me several months to finally trek to Glen Lough in Donegal. Waiting for a day of nil rain – haha around here this summer it was almost impossible. I’d also had very conflicting information about the terrain as there is no track and the exact location.

Yet I wanted to see the house where Rockwell Kent (painter) and Dillon Thomas (Welsh poet) lived at one point in their lives. Rockwell painted the dramatic scenery of the cliffs and loved the solitude – while Dillon almost went mad from the silence and isolation – speaking to the hills at times. Dillon was sent there one summer to ‘dry out’ from his wild drinking ways and write by his agent. Two different views of this desolate place.

P1800069-001Walking to Port (a desolate fishing village) is relatively easy-moderate along various paths from Glencolmcille. P1800068-001Then a steep climb up the grassed hill along the coast line through bog and fields of knee high spiky heather.

P1800087-001  P1800081

P1800094-001 P1800097

Laying in the deep heather on the hills. Overlooking the house which nestled in the base of the mountain and views to the wild Atlantic Ocean.

P1800103-001  P1800115

P1800102  P1800100

Heading home into the setting sun….

P1800129 P1800134

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