Kilcar, Donegal Ireland – Wool Studio and Donegal Tweed – Earthy – Charming

P1810891Kilcar in Donegal is renown for their wool blends and gorgeous colours. Each season a new range of wool colours are developed – inspired from the countryside. Whether it be the blues and greys of the rocks, rusts and greens from the flora, purples and pinks from the heathers. Sand, beiges and blues from the stunning beaches.

This old age way of dying and blending is well sort after. The factory’s machinery is still in operation – the age old traditions of carding and combing and spinning.

P1810863  P1810867

P1810870  P1810866

P1810871  P1810868

The famous Donegal Tweed is also hand made here on 100 year old looms. The intricacy of the patterns are made by the hundreds of yarns hand fed and the shuttle zips across as the maker uses the pedals to produce the patterns.

P1810877-001  P1810875

P1810886  P1810885

P1810887  P1810880

P1810874This is the largest loom with over 1300 needles which takes hours to hand thread the yarns – just to set up the loom for the weaving. Producing blankets, bed spreads, rugs etc.,

P1810883 P1810881

Now for the finished products…….Simply stunning!!!

P1810892  P1810904

P1810894  P1810899

P1810902  P1810900-001

P1810903  P1810897

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