Slieve League – Move over The Cliffs of Mohar

Undoubtedly The Cliffs of Mohar are spectacular and a big tourist attraction in Ireland.  Sliced vertical cliffs rising from the sea  in almost perfect unison, topped in brilliant emerald green. They are surely a sight to behold.

Yet the little known and visited Slieve League in Donegal  took my breath away, time after time.  Being the highest sea cliffs in Europe they hold many secrets to witness.

I’ve spent many days walking along the cliffs and  surrounding hills in almost silence (apart from the bleating sheep grazing on the grasses). I’ve drifted in a boat on several occasions (boat tours depart from Ti Linn) to observe the detail and grandeur of gnarled rock formations that time forgot.  I’ve watched the bog coloured water stream through the folds of the landscape creating streaming waterfalls which find their way into the Atlantic Ocean.  These scenes are WILD and  GLORIOUS beyond words. Whether it is sunny or raining – the weather presents different vistas to delight your soul.

Devoid of the masses of tourists which disturb your thoughts – allowing you to absorb nature’s force and untouched raw beauty in action.


P1660169  P1660139

P1810151  P1810123

P1660094  P1660083




P1650915  P1650838

P1650852  P1710140-001

P1650843  P1650823P1650835    P1650774

P1650846  P1710084-001

P1660046  P1650939

P1650765  '[[-0667

P1660141   P1660157-001


3 thoughts on “Slieve League – Move over The Cliffs of Mohar

    1. Thanks Anisa – the weather varies greatly – yet spectacular – the boat trip around the cliffs from Ti Linn is a must – the rock formations are like no other. Thanks for stopping by xxx

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    2. Oh trust me, you will not be disappointed. Allow quite a bit of time there for all the walks. If you dare have a look on Youtube for ‘One man’s pass’. I loved the rawness and lack of tourism of the place… Thans for taking a look at the site Anisa. 😀

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