When we think of rural Ireland…Magical Glencolmcille, Donegal

When we think of rural Ireland, we visualise raw, dramatic cliffs and vistas, sheep, rocks, glorious shades of green, old pubs, fiddle players, Celtic history…a place where time stood still.


P1810794The place to experience it all is the small rural town of Glencolmcille in Donegal County. Sitting on the Wild Atlantic Coast, it contains some of Ireland’s most spectacular coastal and rural scenery and some of the most genuine, fun people I’ve met.

P1670485 P1670380


I came by accident and stayed for three and a half months – as other have done before me and saw many extend their stay. It has a certain ‘magnetism’.

P1810597-001    P1670787 P1700249

It’s not It’s not one of those ‘touristy’ places by any means – there is hardly a sign to direct you to the 4,000 year old portal tombs or ancient standing stones – it is just part of the landscape and the locals do not make a fuss over them.

P1740382-001 - Copy  P1730526

I witnessed some of Ireland’s best fiddle players and musicians in the town’s two pubs. -They come for the music and the relaxed atmosphere – not the money or the crowds. Random people from all over arrive with their instruments and just join in the sessions. You daren’t miss a night at the pub in fear you will miss something amazing!!!!

P1670088 P1670266-001

The walks over the mountain and along the cliffs on the coast are nothing short of magical scenes and you may not see another soul for hours. The drives to other beaches and ports are the same.

P1670135  P1670233

P1660975  P1810476

There are walks through the 3,000 year old bogs and you can see them cut into logs drying for the winter’s fuel.

P1670412  P1670421

P1670344  P1670155

During the summer the heather, thistles, flowers and bog cotton dots the land.

P1670699 P1670668

P1700601-001  P1810800

The sheep roam the roads and fields, with overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and beaches. Paths to walk through sheep farms.

P1800443  P1800853

P1750274 fav P1710814

A beach to explore or swim in and those glorious sunsets.

P1660856  P1660656


P1760502   FAV P1800155

If you want to experience a real Ireland devoid of the mass tourism and fill your mind with wonderment – head to Glencolmcille in county Donegal.

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