Patriot Hotel – Dublin – Brilliant Musicians – Exciting – Honed Craft

A friend took me to the Patriot Hotel in Dublin – near Kilmainham Gaol – (hence the name) – for a fun night out and listen to some good music.

Ireland is renowned for producing some of the world’s best musicians and this night certainly did not disappoint. As soon as you walked into the pub, you knew you were in for a fabulous night!  It was one of those WOW nights of a fabulous repertoire of classic rock by four musicians who have honed their craft over the decades. This kind of music does not need anything flashing – just sit, listen, dance and allow the music to be absorbed into your soul.

These musicians have dedicated their life to music, and it shows!

It’s always difficult to photograph musicians well in pubs – black walls – poor/mood lighting and plenty of movement – yet I did my best and captured some of my favs.

P1790928  fav P1790932-001

P1790759-001  fav P1790833-001

P1790851  P1790836

Bree Harris’s Unique voice on vocals…she certainly had a huge repertoire of classics rock songs and made them her own. Like fine wine, over time the essence of the music

fav P1790916-003  fav P1790879

P1790937-002    P1790922-001

P1790859  P1790938

Kevin Malone on drums….he still contains the child like wonderment, love and enthusiasm for music – and electrifying to watch!

P1790938  P1790795

fav P1790772-001  P1790879-002

The other musicians (can’t remember their names – sorry) were absolutely brilliant also!!!

fav P1790932-001

Thanks for a fabulous night of some of the best music I’ve heard in a long time!

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