Port Ghost Village, Donegal – Desserted – Dessolate – Unknown

I wake up and Lucy tells me that she will take me to yet another place that will blow my mind.  Quite frankly, I’m finding it hard to envision how she could possibly ‘up the ante’ from all the glorious places I had already explored around Glencolmcille.
I have been in absolute awe of scenes that have taken my breath away – surely there can’t be more….yet there is.

Port Port Ghost Village or The Deserted Village of Port  is an isolated small bay where everyone just left the village during the famine year and never returned.

You can take the hour and a half long walk from Glencolmcille over the hill and along the cliffs (fenced) edge or it is 15mins to drive. We found only two other cars and three individual walkers at the time we arrived. You have the place almost to yourself to explore.

Scamper over the huge ocean polished stones to the sea wall – climb up the stairs to a vantage point to take in this incredible natural raw beauty – look across the wild Atlantic and imagine what life would have been like prior to the famine.

P1700007-001 P1690945

P1690954   P1690920

P1700055 P1700025

P1690988 P1690985

P1700034 P1700106

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