WICKLOW – Magical – Serene – Calming

Wicklow has been the backdrop to many a movie – including Braveheart and my favourite, Vikings. I don’t often do the touristy thing – those big busses make me shiver in horror. However I did manage to find a dodgy 8 seater bus to take us through the breathtaking rolling hills and valleys of Wicklow – the gentleman took us to places I did not know about nor would have otherwise seen.

You just point your camera anywhere and you get a fabulous scenic shot. Wild horses – valleys – streams – glorious lochs and my favourite, the set of the TV series ‘Vikings’ – OK it was in a valley, yet I saw it!

P1620345  P1620543-001

P1620404  P1620409

P1620491-001  P1620513

P1620350  P1620361

P1620908  P1620905

P1620616  P1620630

P1620681-001  P1620856

P1620811  P1620835

P1620998  P1620989

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