Dublin Port – Early Morning – Industrial – Moving – Colourful

Transportation always fascinates me – especially industrial areas. It seems to evoke a heart beat of the city.

Dublin Port has two amazing icons which beckon you into the bay. You first see the 1768 built bright red Poolbeg Lighthouse which sits at the end of the four mile long pier – keep an eye out for the locals fishing on this pier. The looming Poolbeg Chimneys tower in at over 207 metres. The government wanted to dismantle them to an outcry of many to save and preserve them.

Arriving in Dublin by ferry always captivates me and the times present a new fascinating view. This time I took the overnight ferry arriving early morning – as the city began to awake.

P1600537  P1600552-001

P1600558  P1600605-001

P1600644  P1600657

P1600674  P1600704

P1600727  P1600707

P1600713 P1600725

P1600719 P1600722

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