Maghera, Donegal – Spectacular – Unexpected – Tears

You need a car for this spectacular day trip. A 20 minute drive from the small town of Ardara, in the gorgeous parish of south west Donegal lies one of the most breathtaking beaches I have had the privilege to witness.

Now these not idle words – I come from a country which displays over 11,000 incredible beaches along our vast coastline. I certainly did not expect a beach to take my breath away in the lands of Ireland.

From Ardara you drive through a pass that is picture book Ireland – take a moment to stop at the top. Tears rolled down my face as I looked back through the valley’s hills and beyond. A short while later sit on a rock in front of Assaranca Waterfall and watch the spectacle of the volumes of water cascading from the hills into a bright blue river which flows into the Atlantic.

Follow the road to the magnificent, little known Maghera Strand (Beach). Walk along the boardwalk, through the sand hills and stand mesmerised with the sheer beauty of the rock formations on this vast flat beach.

Explore the 13 odd caves at low tide!. *Not a good idea to swim here as the Atlantic undercurrents are prone to change and apparently the shelf drops sharply. So roll your jeans up and just wade through the waters.

P1690307  P1690336

P1690812-001 P1690481

P1690510 P1690566

P1690518P1690632P1690754 P1690772

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