River Glen – Ireland – Wild – Lush – Fishing

The less travelled coast of county Donegal is spectacular in its wild ways.

I jumped a bus in Donegal bound for Carrick, the gateway to explore Slieve League and her spectacular cliffs. Entering Carrick.  you cross the bridge to the River Glen – a wild raging river that can rise by 1.5mtrs overnight and drop again just a quickly. Water rushes over rocks and boulders along its path at raging speeds before it hits ‘The Steps’ where you will find local fishermen casting their rods to catch the salmon heading up river to spawn. If you fall into the river in this area you probably would not live to tell the tale.

As the river widens it slows to a meander headed for the Atlantic Ocean.

Follow the path along its banks to see lush vegetation (lush vegetation = lots of rain all year round) Hear the sounds of rushing waters.

P1650651 P1640964P1650540 P1650005

P1650592  P1650606-001P1650481  P1650470P1650512  P1650429

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