Ireland – Kilmainham Gaol – Stories – History – Harsh

If I had to pick ONE ‘tourist’ attraction to see in Dublin – this would be it!!!

The famous Kilmainham Goal in Dublin has many fascinating stories and history to be told.

I didn’t find it ‘spooky’ or got the heebie jeebies – – in fact the energy is quite light in relation to what occurred in this gaol in its time. They have not over sanitised the building to create a ‘Disneyland’ effect. It feels and looks REAL without the spooks -well done!

You do have to take the tour – which is quite inexpensive – and as the guide takes you around the various areas they talk about the who, what and wheres…

Executions of the leaders from the 1916 Easer Rising to the thousands of convicts sent to Australia from this gaol during the 1800’s. You’ll hear stories about infamous inmates, executions and transportations – see their name plaques above their cells – the cross where the executions took place.

These were harsh, harsh times – when you look and feel the gates, see the thickness of the walls – no one escaped!

PS Do not lag behind your tour group for too long to take pics – I did on two occasions and had a bit of talking to – almost sent to the naughty corner. Wellllll……………..I wanted to take the pics WITHOUT the people/tourists!  hehe

It is a special gaol and incredible history indeed!

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