O’Neills Pub – Dublin – Beer – History – Eclectic

I came across this pub in Dublin whilst looking for a good Irish Breakfast. Little did I know of its contents and décor. What a gem of a pub to visit – eat and have a few drinks!!! I lost count of the number of beer taps – pick a beer!!!!!

O’Neills Pub is certainly a must see- allow time to browse through the pub on all of its floors and don’t forget the terrace and the stairwell to the toilets!!!

P1400156  fav P1400164

fav P1400168-001  fav P1400159

P1400248-001 P1400213-001

fav P1400232-001 fav P1400229-001

P1400235-002   P1400277-002

P1400256-002  P1400253-001

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