Sweet Dreams! A rare piece of history in Dublin – Michael Collins and the Barry’s Hotel

Running by the seat of my pants, I arrange my transport at the last minute from London to Dublin.  Oh god accommodation! My thoughts drift to – ‘something with a bit of history, maybe seen better days – I wanted to ‘feel’ Dublin rather than a sanitised hotel room.  Mind you, I knew nothing of Dublin – zip, zero. Scanning the internet on the ferry, one property ‘spoke to me’ for some odd reason – ‘Barry’s Hotel’. Check the map of the city, it’s in a good, handy location. Although some said the north side was not so great – yet I personally found it to be handy and safe – contrary to what others may have said.

P1630641I check in and you could see it would have been a grand Georgian home in its day – transformed later into a hotel. Hmmm good choice, just what I wanted.


P1630724 P1630797

The next morning one of the staff notice my room key number and said; ‘Oh you have Michael Collins room.”

‘Excuse me?’ ‘Oh Michael Collins used to stay at the hotel regularly and later was hiding in a room from the British Soldiers. The last time he was in Dublin, he was shooting at the soldiers our of the window, and had to escape through the back of the hotel!’  I wanted to believe it, yet the Irish are renown for telling stories – so I checked it out on the internet and the tourism offices…….just to make sure. The story was legit!

Quote – from Discover Ireland:   After the 1916 Easter Rising one of Ireland’s greatest patriots, Michael Collins, was surrounded by the British army; he shot at soldiers from a window above the hotel reception now one of the guest bedrooms. Apparently he escaped via the back of the hotel to travel back to Cork.’

*Barry’s Hotel is one of Dublin’s oldest Hotels, built in the latter part of the Georgian Period. It’s had a colourful past and is now in renovations for a grand revamp. 2015


Of all the rooms and hotels in Dublin, I lucked out  – a rare treasure of history indeed.  Well I got what I asked for – yet didn’t expect THIS sort of history! The following night it was ‘Sweet Dreams.’


Read more:  Michael Collins was an Irish revolutionary leader and a much loved hero. *Wikipedia

*During my travels in Ireland – this image was displayed in many a pub and hotel.

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