Irish Whiskey Museum – Dublin – History – Fascinating – Top Notch

OK, so I am not a big drinker – two glasses of wine and I am tipsy. Yet I wanted to learn about Whiskey’s history and a small taste – just so I can say I have! The Whiskey Museum in Dublin came highly recommended.

fav P1390910 fav P1390912

It is a very sharp establishment that holds all the features of whiskey making. You are greeted by old barrels in the corridor. Then upstairs where the tour begins.

fav P1390985 fav P1390982

P1390976 fav P1400031

We watched a video of the history and the guide explained the history which was fascinating – finding out where the terms ‘Blind Drunk’ and ‘Saved by the Bell’ came from. Naming the big players in the game of whiskey making and the bootleg whiskey in Ireland – and its detrimental effects.

fav P1400009 P1400013

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Then on to the tastings of three whiskey’s. I’ll point out again – I am not a big drinker! The first was explained that it will ‘heat’ the chest. One small sip and Whao! I passed on the remaining to the man next to me. The second ‘heated’ the throat and the third ‘heated’ the mouth. Yep #2 & #3 were passed on after I had a small sip. Well at least I tried it!

Well worth the visit – especially the history and understanding of Irish Whiskey.


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