Sheep of Ireland…..

I overheard a conversation between an Australian who grew up on a sheep station and an Irish man who also raised sheep.

Australian man:  So how many acres do you have back home?

Irish man: Eight

Australian man: 800 or 8,000 acres?

Irish man: Ummm just eight!

I had a silent giggle….in Australia we are accustomed to think in big numbers with either travelling or our sheep numbers –  due to the vastness of our land. In Ireland, the farms are small and lush all year round with the almost constant rain – unlike most parts of Australia.

The sheep happily graze alongside of some of the world’s most spectacular views of rugged cliffs and lochs. The sheep are more like people and part of the countryside. They roam the roads as a natural part of life – and they don’t budge too quickly when a car comes along.

Yet getting up close on foot to take pics of them – they will turn and run away.  Yet I did manage to get some shots around Ireland.

Ireland hosts a wide variety of sheep – including the Scottish Highland which are sure footed and suit the steep coastlines and their long wool protects them from the wild Atlantic Ocean winds and rain. Irish wool is much coarser than the Australian Merino – in the small wool shops I found that I actually prefer it in ways as it still retains many natural qualities and the smell of wool. Too many wool companies sanitise and mix their wools omitting the rawness I love. See Kilcar Wool Studio and Donegal Carpets posts.

Ballygally – Northern Ireland

P1400878  fav P1400888 a

Ti Linn – Donegal

P1650327  P1650316

ConnemaraConnemara is a savage beauty’, as Oscar Wilde put it.

fav P1430645  fav P1430642-001

fav P1430947-001  P1430958

Marlin Beg – Silver Strand – Donegal

P1810612 P1810609

P1680342-001  P1680460

Glencolmcille – Donegal

P1680254-001  P1670266

.  P1800443

P1810470  P1810093

P1700201-001  P1740561-001

P1800437  P1800474

An Port – Donegal

P1700049  P1810580

P1810784-001  P1810785

Slieve League – Donegal

P1810658-001 B  P1810661-002

P1660168  P1660188-001

P1660193-001  P1810659 B-002

Not to be missed – the Donegal Traffic Jams….

fav P1750141  Peak Hour Traffic in Donegal - Traffic Jam in Donegal

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