Music in Donegal Ireland – Unexpected

Music is a way of life in Donegal with most people playing an instrument or several. Many visitors carry their instruments with them when they travel and head straight for one of the pubs to join a session.

Donegal fiddle players hosts some of the best traditional players in Ireland. I was fortunate to spend the summer in Glencomcille and got to witness many of these players in the pubs in and around this small village. I also fortunate to see the annual Fiddle Week where fiddle players come to teach around 100 people from around the world. Now that in itself was an amazing experience.

Here are some of my favourite images. As they say…it’s for the craic!

The Rusty Mackerel in Ti Linn – Donegal

P1660328  P1730139-003

P1660354  P1730156

P1660320  P1660337

Central Bar – Carrick Donegal

fav P1800515  fav P1800501

P1760567-002  P1760626-001

P1760634-002  P1760571-001

P1790730  P1760720-001

P1790691  P1790696

Roartys Pub – Glencolmcille Donegal

fav P1820202  fav P1820177

fav P1820055 P1730580

P1730654 P1730804

Glen Head Pub – Glencolmcille Donegal


Random places…

P1810683-001  P1810678-002

P1810725-001 P1760727

P1770530 P1760392-005

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