People of Ireland – Street Photography

Street photography are un manipulated scenes. Photos of random chance encounters in public places. It’s exciting as you never know what scene will present itself at any given moment AND you have to be ready to capture that moment! Some images work – some don’t. Some scenes do not allow you time to adjust your camera settings – actually most of them. Yet the image evokes a story – it’s a Moment in Time of life.

Here are some of my memorable candid images from Ireland.

P1780353  P1780400

fav P1820202  P1390754

P1730107  P1730113

P1730156  P1690194

P1730095  P1730122

P1720965  P1770466 P1780135-001  P1780117-001

fav P1780111  fav P1780068

fav P1430244  fav 2 P1400975-001

fav P1430457  fav P1430217

fav P1400353  fav P1430003-002

fav P1390626 - Copy  P1740500

P1740509-001  P1740178

P1660304  fav P1400084

P1730651 P1750994

P1750876 P1750864

P1660337  P1770194

P1660332  P1730712-001

P1760012-001 P1750912


P1660346 P1690190

fav P1750141  Peak Hour Traffic in Donegal - Traffic Jam in Donegal


4 thoughts on “People of Ireland – Street Photography

      1. All art has an element of chance! There is such depth of expression and innumerable stories within every image. If you hung these on the wall in a gallery, people would stand and gaze into them for hours.

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