Watego Beach, Australia – Majestic – Pristine – Pure Australia!

Australia has over 11,000 beaches and Watego Beach is one of those that takes your breath away.  Situated in the Byron Bay area near the Light House which beacons Australia’s most easterly point.

Swim, surf, lay on the sand, explore the rocks, whatever you want to do – just enjoy its splendour. After wearing winter clothing for the past six months in Ireland’s summer, it was a blessing to soak up its warmth and meander.

I’ll let the pics speak for themselves on this one.

P1820461  P1820435

P1820443  P1820467

P1820503  P1820496

Take a closer look at the rocks that scatter the beach and you will see the glorious colours and sea life.

P1820473  P1820482

P1820492  P1820493


Cape Byron – Australia’s most easterly point.

P1820525 P1820527

P1820516 P1820538

Take a glider ride to get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the area. ‘Around the corner’  is the gorgeous Tallow Beach, you can wander the length of the beach and hardly come across another person.


Ahhhhh it’s good to be back ‘home’……..

Travel make you appreciate what you have, your own surrounds. You start to see your ‘home’ through the eyes of a tourist and see its splendour.

What I YOUR favourite Australian beach???

I’d love to know and pencil them in to explore.

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