Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach Circuit Walk

This walk is a must AND take you swimmers! 11kms about 5hours or longer if you take a swim or picnic lunch – or like me who stops and takes a lot of photos. It is one of the most well set out and well maintained natural tracks I have seen! Brave to Tasmania’s government!!! There are quite a few ‘stairs’ through Mount Amos & Mount Mayson to … Continue reading Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach Circuit Walk

Winglass Bay – Freycinet National Park

Ok, my images will not stand up to the thousands of amazing images taken from the air. THAT is how you will see Wineglass Bay’s glorious beauty. A perfectly crescent shaped beach filled with royal blue waters edged with fine white sand. surrounded by hills – or knuckles as they say – it makes a perfect picture postcard image. I asked how it got its name. … Continue reading Winglass Bay – Freycinet National Park

Coles Bay…On the way to Freycinet!

When you begin approaching a place you have heard about in such awe,there is always a strong element of anticipation, excitement AND trepidation! Maybe…it is not what others have built it up to…or…I have fantasised in my head. Freycinet was one of those places. *This is one of the reasons why I prefer NOT to know too much about a place before I go there. I … Continue reading Coles Bay…On the way to Freycinet!

Tips on Free Camping in Tasmania!

Now we ALL love things for FREE! Tasmania provides some of the best free camping I’ve seen, in some of the most glorious places. Places you would expect to pay dearly for in another part of the world. Free Camping can be provided by the local council, pubs, Tasmania relies heavily on tourism, especially in the small towns, so PLEASE be mindful on giving back … Continue reading Tips on Free Camping in Tasmania!

Friendly Beaches – Intimate -Cosy

The east coast of Tasmania has much to explore, especially around Freycinet National Park! Yet another glorious beach where I camped overnight. Friendly Beaches and Moulting Lagoon are two great free sites to camp for a few days while you explore the National Park. When you arrive at a location, your first impression always depends on the weather and time of day, then the ‘feel’ of the place. Friendly … Continue reading Friendly Beaches – Intimate -Cosy

Moulting Lagoon -Raw – Nature

Moulting Lagoon is a BIG lagoon and sits on the edge of Freycinet National Park filled with wildlife. Black swans, lots of birds (which I don’t know their names), little soldier crabs in the sand…. (you can see I like the little crabs – their cute faces and iridescent colours) and has a magnificent view of the National Park and its granite ‘knuckles’ across the water. … Continue reading Moulting Lagoon -Raw – Nature