Bondi Girl Meets…Australia – with Bugsy!

Back on the road…this time to see my own country – Australia!

During my stay in rural Ireland I spoke to many people from around the globe, conversations varied tremendously. I soon realised I had not seen as much of my own country as some of these intrepid travellers. So I decided to see my own country ‘through the eyes of a tourist’ – in wonderment – before I ventured to any other country.

As soon as I arrived back in Australia I began a quest to find the perfect mode of travel. Cycling was definitely out of the question: #1 Australia is waaaay to vast for me and my fitness level. #2 I like a few creature comforts to stay warm and dry.

A caravan was too large and it  would feel like a home in ways – too comfortable and lacks that feeling of adventure. I decided on a campervan; small snug, secure (for my equipment) – with a bicycle for the short cruising.

It took me several weeks to find the layout and space capacity I wanted

and six weeks to set it all up for my needs; to be totally self sufficient to ‘camp’ where ever the scenery was glorious for short and long periods at a time.



A few personal touches to make it homely.




My nephew is fabulously artistic and one night I watched him draw a centipede then intricately cut it out to produce a stencil. I can’t quite remember how or if I was half joking when I said I’d love one on my van. He had more insect stencils he had produced, I let him paint as he wanted.


Introducing ‘Bugsy’!!!




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