‘Bugsy’ – my home to tour Australia!

It took many weeks to work out what I needed to be self sufficient for most of the journey to promote my books in the smaller towns, to take glorious images of this incredible country and create another book along the way.

Being so compact most things need to have an essential or dual purpose – little room for unessential things and be lightweight.

Choosing the High Top over the Pop Top Campervan, it gives heaps of permanent storage! Saving you time to unpack each time you pull up for the night as well as search for things in hidden or underneath places. haha little bending and stretching.

I also chose  NOT to have a bike rack on the back – it is stored in the van whilst travelling. This allows me to open the back door, throw a tarpaulin over it and provides extra sheltered space when I stay for more than a day in one place. Privacy for showering and good for drying clothes in all weathers!P1830046

  1. Make it feel like a home with a splash of colour and a cushion or two.
  2. Light weight wire baskets for storage of clothes, towels, my books and marketing materials. *I found these in an Op Shop.
  1. Two extra house batteries to run a small fridge, computer, modem and phone charger on 12 volt. A Red Arc was added so the batteries could charge while driving. *Although once in a while it would need to be plugged into 24 volt for a super charge for a day or two. **I still can not find a converter to charge my camera batteries on 12 volt!  arghhh So I have to ask Information Centres, pubs etc to plug in for a few hours.
  2. 80 litre water tank for (cold) showering, washing and general cooking. *Fill up in bush camps, caravan parks etc.  *Ask about water restrictions in certain areas.
  3. 20 litres of bottled drinking water. *Use empty bottles for waste when needed.
  4. Water hose to fill up the tank.
  5. Weather proof electrical cord.
  6. CB Radio. *A must for emergencies when in remote areas.
  7. Dim solar lamp to keep on during the night. For a little ‘seeing’ security  for when things go ‘bump in the night!  P1830659

  1. Shower hose for remote areas.
  2. Three buckets. One to fill with fresh water – with lid. One to fill with river water – doubled for rubbish.  One for laundry – large with tight lid.
  3. *Toilet. OK – my nephew found this brilliant simple invention for emergencies. A plastic bucket with half a ‘noodle’ split and moulded over the top.
  1. Milk crate. These would have to be the BEST inventions of all time. *Durable enough to use as a step, add a cushion and use as a seat, or a side table, sit on whilst showering.
  1. Small Origami folding bicycle. *Fits easily and securely in the van whilst driving and can be chained under the van at night. *The basket holds many things and good for shopping.
  2. A good First Aid  Kit! *I carry a small one when cycling also.
  1. KEEP THINGS MINIMAL and ESSENTIAL – try to think if you can use it for something else.
  2. If you run out of clothes, spare linen or cooking essentials, country Op Shops are great and CHEAP!

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