Bondi Girl Meets…Our Ancestors 2015

Four countries – 34 towns.

Having a Drink with our Ancestors…..Just when we thought our journey was finished. (link to blog) Link to Posts:

Our great, great grandmother Jane Litherland took us on an incredible journey into the past to ‘meet‘ our ancestors. We travelled through time to 34 towns throughout Ireland – Scotland – England and Germany.

Wow!! This was several journeys and stories rolled into one! Expect the unexpected.

The blog is a story line based on FACTS sprinkled with FUN and FANTASY.

*My brother and I extensively researched our ancestors and their history several years ago in a gruelling and exciting year. Unearthing fascinating information – we later decided to visit their towns to complete our personal journey.

What began as a five-week road trip visiting these towns together – evolved into ten weeks and something quite different!!!  A series of events, emotions and experiences blew all our best laid plans out the window and into another incredible journey of discovery.

Now that will be another story…..


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