Glenrowan, Victoria – Ned Kelly’s final capture!

Glenrowan, Victoria – Ned Kelly’s final capture!

Ned (Edward) Kelly had a short and illustrious life. Ned was born in Victoria of Irish convicts. At the age of 11 years, he was awarded a green sash for rescuing a child from drowning in a creek – a hero. Ned was wearing his green sash under his armour when he was shot and the blood stained sash now sits in the Benalla Museum. Maybe he wanted a life of a hero rather than what life dealt him?

Strong, outspoken, a series of events bought him to become one of the most hunted men of his time.



Raising a glass to Ned at Glenrowan!

Outlaw or our own Robin Hood? Whatever your views, he goes down in Australian history as one of the most famous of our ‘Bush Rangers’.





From associating with a bush ranger to stealing horses to killing policemen. There are many stories as to how an why, which will remain speculation. Yet we adopted him as a hero of sorts and with his short 25 years on this earth, made an impact.


A re-enactment of the final shootout with Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang.

The local museum hosts some interesting facts of Ned, his gang and family.

His mother is reported as saying to Ned: “Mind you die like a Kelly.”

Apparently his famous last words were:  “Ah, well, I suppose it has come to this”, as the rope was being placed round his neck. ‘Such as life’


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