Next stop – Kosciuszko National Park in Summer.

I’ve spent many years skiing at the various resorts in Kosciuszko National Park, yet had not seen it in the summer.

I seized the opportunity. The park has many free camps (although you have to pay $17 a day to enter the park – unless you have a yearly pass).  Ok, it wasn’t sunshine, it rained on and off the days I was there.  However it didn’t dampen my spirits to visit the places you could not drive to in the winter.

First stop was Tom Groggin camp. Wide open space where you could park you car and not disturb another human, although there were plenty of friendly kangaroos to keep you company! It was also my first opportunity to ‘test’ out my low cost annex. Two tarpaulins glued together anchored with ropes and poles. Such a girly invention!  haha

The start of the mighty Murray River.

Friendly and quite bold!


The night and the clouds set in.

Next stop Geehi Camp, the campervan is small enough to back up close to the crystal clear river and it was warm enough to take a swim!

Early morning mist…

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