Friendly Beaches – Intimate -Cosy

The east coast of Tasmania has much to explore, especially around Freycinet National Park! Yet another glorious beach where I camped overnight.

Friendly Beaches and Moulting Lagoon are two great free sites to camp for a few days while you explore the National Park.

When you arrive at a location, your first impression always depends on the weather and time of day, then the ‘feel’ of the place. Friendly Beaches have small alcoves off the road to camp, so you will either have a space by yourself or share a space with perhaps one other camper. It isn’t one large open area which make for a cosy, intimate setting. You feel like you are on your own ‘tropical island’ of sorts – except that you are in Tasmania!

I camped right beside the beach with a few bushes in between acting as a wind barrier. So you are only steps away to the water.

You not only have the fine white sanded beach, you also have the rocks and rock pools to explore.







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