Tips on Free Camping in Tasmania!

Now we ALL love things for FREE! Tasmania provides some of the best free camping I’ve seen, in some of the most glorious places. Places you would expect to pay dearly for in another part of the world.

Free Camping can be provided by the local council, pubs,

Tasmania relies heavily on tourism, especially in the small towns, so PLEASE be mindful on giving back to these communities to allow them to prosper and be able to keep providing us with this priceless opportunity.

TIPS on being MINDFUL when you know you are going to use the FREE camping in a particular area!

  1. Fill up on petrol. You have to fill up somewhere so why not in their town!
  2. Buy the groceries or drinking water you have run out of in the town.
  3. Grab a drink in the local pub and or a meal. Pubs serve some great fresh, local produce!
  4. Go to a café or restaurant to have a meal. You’ve probably been on the road for a while eating baked beans or something uninteresting – so treat yourself also.
  5. Have a chat to the locals – in the pub or stores. You can learn a lot about the place by asking them what is their favourite place. Stuff that isn’t in the guide books, you will find some hidden gems which will enable you to really embrace the area.
  6. Pull out that spare GOLD COIN! I’ve seen a few pubs with a donation box for the local Fire Fighters or some other organisation. It all adds up.
  7. Visit one of their craft/art stores (if they have one) It is better to buy something locally made, you’ll always remember the intimacy and the uniqueness – rather than something mass produced, made in China or somewhere else.
  8. Visit the local museum and pay that gold coin donation!
  9. BE CLEAN! Take your rubbish and leave the place the same as you arrived – or pick up a piece of rubbish and bin it. The locals will appreciate your thoughts and be happy to see us ‘tourists’. We all want a happy holiday.

You will get a lot more out of your holiday by being mindful and engaging with people.

Ahhhhh the memories to treasure!!!

Isn’t that what travelling is all about?


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