Coles Bay…On the way to Freycinet!

When you begin approaching a place you have heard about in such awe,there is always a strong element of anticipation, excitement AND trepidation!


Maybe…it is not what others have built it up to…or…I have fantasised in my head. Freycinet was one of those places. *This is one of the reasons why I prefer NOT to know too much about a place before I go there. I like wonderment surprises rather than disappointments!  I’m still a child at heart…haha

It was cold and windy, yet it did not distract from the beauty of approaching the granite ‘knuckles’ and the vivid colours of the bay with the orange lichen and electric blue waters of Coles Bay.

However I still decided to take Freycinet one piece at a time……then I drove around to one of the small bays within the park.


So far so good for day one…I plan to do some hiking!

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