Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach Circuit Walk

This walk is a must AND take you swimmers! 11kms about 5hours or longer if you take a swim or picnic lunch – or like me who stops and takes a lot of photos.


It is one of the most well set out and well maintained natural tracks I have seen! Brave to Tasmania’s government!!! There are quite a few ‘stairs’ through Mount Amos & Mount Mayson to Wineglass Bay’s lookout. Meandering to the natural shape of the land, with vantage points to stop and take in the glorious views.

There are also ‘seats’ along the way to stop and absorb your surrounds OR just to have a breather!

What goes up must come down – the stairs that is – to Wineglass Bay.


P1840204 After your swim or time to just sit and absorb the bay’s beauty, you then take the Isthmus Track across Hazards Lagoon – actually through some stunning bushland for a different change of scenery and it is FLAT!

At the end of the track you find this! A glimpse of things to come – glorious Hazards Beach.

A glorious white sand beach scattered with an abundant number of gorgeous seashells (of which I took a gazillion photos!) being lapped by azure blue water which swirled in the most unusual shapes.

Another swim in the clear warm water…..then scalloping the contours along the Hazards Beach Track through bush and over rocks.

One of the most fascinating and varied walks I have done.

Climbing stairs to lookouts, walking through flat bush smelling the eucalyptus trees, swimming in two glorious beaches, walking through sparse burnt trees, climbing over rocks and witnessing wildlife in their natural surrounds.  *You can pace yourself, it is not difficult as there is so much variety to see on the way. They say 5 hours – factor in a whole day – don’t rush, there is much to see and do.

My body heavily SANK into my bed that night!

PS My favourite was Hazards Beach!!!





2 thoughts on “Wineglass Bay & Hazards Beach Circuit Walk

    1. Oh thanks for taking the time to have a look Deb. Tasmania keeps getting more spectacular – it has been a surprise for me. It’s Australia’s little secret. 😀


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