Where would you live if you owned an art museum – MONA!

MONA – Museum of Old and New Art! Lets talk about the building first. The story behind this world class Museum/Art Gallery is very interesting. Controversial owner David Walsh grew up dreaming of the white house on the hill opposite his home. Years later he bought the house and surrounding lands to build an art museum. The white house remains an integral part of MONA, the building. See top right … Continue reading Where would you live if you owned an art museum – MONA!

Snippets from Salamanca Markets

Salamanca Markets in Hobart are well known and held each Saturday. Over 300 stalls including locally grown produce and locally made items, you could spend a full day there easily. I’d forgotten what day it was and arrived late with only two hours to see, sample and enjoy its fare! Argghhh Yet I did manage to get a good look and feel for the place. Tasmanian’s appear to … Continue reading Snippets from Salamanca Markets

Where to next? Victoria! Bugsy and me touring Australia. 2016

Heading to Corryong, home of ‘The Man from Snowy River’. It’s a bit of a detour, however I wanted to see the renown ‘The Man from Snowy River Festival’.     _________________________________________________   Bugsy and I begin our trip in Tasmania to see my own country through the eyes of a tourist…beginning 10th January, 2016 arriving Devonport – heading towards the east coast. Reasons #1 Bushfire warnings … Continue reading Where to next? Victoria! Bugsy and me touring Australia. 2016

Hobart – by the water

When you travel you have to take the weather as it comes. RAIN – HAIL – SHINE and OVERCAST. I was hoping it would be sunny when I reached Hobart to see the wharf and yachts in all their glory to capture some classic Hobart images. Alas not – so you do your best with what is presented on the day/s. Driving over the bridge … Continue reading Hobart – by the water

Dunalley – oh the sights you see

Dunalley is only a small town here in Tasmania, yet there were a few sights that made me smile… Sheep enjoying magnificent water views reminded me of the plentiful sheep in Ireland grazing on the coasts – prime real estate. Location -location – location! Nestle’s? In Cadbury country! that high???? Time for fishing!   If you can’t catch them, buy them!         … Continue reading Dunalley – oh the sights you see

Luscious Lime Bay…and beyond!

This is a must if you want to unwind!!! For a change of pace…Just 4kms on an unsealed road from the Historic Coal Mines is the ‘luscious’ Lime Bay State Reserve campsite on the north west tip of the Tasman Peninsular. My two wheel drive Hi-top campervan did it easily, mind you I would not have gotten any speeding tickets! It’s flat and graded fairly … Continue reading Luscious Lime Bay…and beyond!

Port Arthur’s Historic Site

Ok, like Wineglass Bay, everyone has see plenty of pics of this amazing historic site. So I shall try not to do the usual!  haha It is one of Tasmania’s major tourist attractions with throngs of people and high expectations. I believe once you have been inundated with many images, it may not necessarily excite you – and that is what travel is about. However … Continue reading Port Arthur’s Historic Site