Up close and personal -Painted Cliffs and Rock Pools on Maria Island

I knew little about Maria Island before I arrived and left with images that will be embedded in my soul.

Arriving by boat with my bicycle I was set to explore the island. Upon arrival you are greeted by one of the National Parks staff who are so willing to tell and direct you to what you want to see and do on the island.

It was suggested to see the Painted Caves first as it was low tide and it would be easier to access them, as well as a member of staff would be giving a talk showing the various sea life in the Rock Pools. I’m open to suggestions, so off I cycle……through the town and along the beach.

The Painted Cliffs are not huge, yet awe inspiring. A band of sandstone weathers by wind and water.

You can walk/clamber over the rocks and get up close, actually sit on them – if you want. The brilliant patterns and warm colours which nature has eroded the caves are nothing short of spectacular.

As they say – good things come in small packages. Oh I’ll let the images speak for themselves….


Ok, this is going to be a slow reveal…haha I love that you don’t see them first up, it is the promise of things to come!

Up close and personal…you wonder how nature can produce such glorious images for us to witness.


How does a tree grow with a base of sandstone and little soil? Apparently quite well…



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