Waiting for the boat…Triabunna

Never underestimate what you can see and do in a small town. Triabunna is the gateway for passage to Maria Island (pronounced ‘Mariah’ by the locals). 

‘Bugsy’ and I pulled into the local pub – Spring Bay Hotel for the night. They ask for a gold coin donation for the local Fire Fighters to camp on their grounds! So you buy a drink, a glass of a good local wine, chat to a few locals and listen to the history.

Food? Ahh next door is a ‘Chipper’ serving fresh local fish and seafood. I choose the recommended soft, deep sea Blue Grenadier, squid and chips (small serve).  Battered or crumbed? Crumbed, please. It’s relatively busy as you do have to wait while they cook it.  Tasmania is renown for their fresh produce, so no pre cooked here, the locals would not stand for it! It surely stood up to its reputation, soft, succulent and fresh!

Then catch the sunset over the hills…


Up early to wander and chat to some of the locals before the boat leaves to Maria Island. You lean a lot from the locals. The town was established quite early in our history, the pub, circa 1838 and found out the university was preparing for an archaeological dig next door that day.


This was within a 300 meter walking distance – You can always find something interesting, even in small towns – just open your mind and take your time.

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