Luscious Lime Bay…and beyond!

This is a must if you want to unwind!!!

For a change of pace…Just 4kms on an unsealed road from the Historic Coal Mines is the ‘luscious’ Lime Bay State Reserve campsite on the north west tip of the Tasman Peninsular.

My two wheel drive Hi-top campervan did it easily, mind you I would not have gotten any speeding tickets! It’s flat and graded fairly well.

Glorious views across the bay, crystal clear warm water (in summer) and a few short walks if you want. I could have stayed here for weeks…

Only toilets are provided and fairly new. Bring your own water and gas stoves for cooking – at present there is a fire ban.

The weather and the lighting changed to keep me mesmerised.

After a few days of gawking, someone told me about another beach west of the peninsular and not to go via the lagoon. I just walked in that direction and hoped for the best – there are no signs and all I could find was the lagoon!

View from the other side – yep the brown area. Sloping Lagoon was dry and cracked and looked like it had not seen water for quite some time with patches of succulents.  I felt like I was walking across a desert, nothing to shade you, just a big expanse and no one around.

Then there was this glorious sight!



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