Maria Island – Historic – Quiet – Surprises

Maria Island is quiet, at times you feel you are the only person on the island. Yet it has a lot to offer. The glorious Painted CliffsRock Pools – Fossil Cliffs – the convict history and wildlife. One day was not quite enough!

A relatively quick boat ride, then explore like crazy! I covered a lot of ground on my bicycle, so my camera had a good workout!!

I cycle to the other side of the island to see the Fossil Cliffs. Ok, so I don’t know much about fossils, yet I have a curiosity – of just about everything in life.  Hmmm what do they look like? Doubt crept in – am I just shooting images of plain rock or a fossil?  Oh keep looking intensely, I’m bound to find something. Then I found a very obvious shell shape, thank goodness! I’m still in doubt about some others though.  *Please tell me if I am wrong!  haha

Satisfied, I cycle back to the convict working barn. It has a bit of an errie feel which I like. There is still a rawness to take you back in time.

I’ve made up time for another swim before the boat turns up to see the resident wombat’s baby under a concrete ledge and some birds by the beach.

It’s been a wonderful surprise!!!

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