Hobart – by the water

When you travel you have to take the weather as it comes. RAIN – HAIL – SHINE and OVERCAST.

I was hoping it would be sunny when I reached Hobart to see the wharf and yachts in all their glory to capture some classic Hobart images. Alas not – so you do your best with what is presented on the day/s.

Driving over the bridge gave me goose bumps – that iconic high arch, mountains surrounding the city with misty low lying clouds – yep overcast and windy! Not raining, just greyness. We’ll see what we can do.


What I’ve wanted to see – Constitution Bay – the place where the famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race ends. Not as big as I thought, yet you do get the essence of the place.

Where there are boats – there’s seagulls!  Or should I say where there is a seafood restaurant the wait like predators for customers to leave their table so they can swarm on all the leftovers.

This was a funny sight indeed! the frenzy of it all and the disgruntled ones who did not fill the pecking order was away in disgust!

A fishing boat – hmmm with a string of very large lights.  Oh yes squid, they are attracted to the lights. The hooks also gave it away. Ok, I admit I asked to confirm.

Out and about on the harbour…

Back on land….Tasmanians love their boats and HONEY!

It was a pity I could not stay longer…..that’s life!

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