Convict Coal Mines – Harsh – Cruel -Historic

Just about everyone in Australia knows about the historic ‘Port Arthur Historic (convict) Site’ and a bit about its history. Yet very few know about the convict ‘Historic Coal Mines’ just 30kms away at Little Norfolk Bay. The Port Arthur Site is a BIG tourist attraction and you pay BIG money to enter and see the islands. Yet few go to the Coal Mines Site  by the … Continue reading Convict Coal Mines – Harsh – Cruel -Historic

Maria Island – Historic – Quiet – Surprises

Maria Island is quiet, at times you feel you are the only person on the island. Yet it has a lot to offer. The glorious Painted Cliffs – Rock Pools – Fossil Cliffs – the convict history and wildlife. One day was not quite enough! A relatively quick boat ride, then explore like crazy! I covered a lot of ground on my bicycle, so my camera had … Continue reading Maria Island – Historic – Quiet – Surprises

This sight caused me to stop in a hurry!

Our bushfires case tremendous damage to our landscape- yet there is beauty in its devastation. The blackened charred trees lined this tidal beach just outside of Dunally, Tasmania. The wheat coloured sand formed rippled bands with the azure blue waters, creating a  calm contrast with the dramatic blackened trees – it took my breath away. And Bugsy! Continue reading This sight caused me to stop in a hurry!

Nubeena – Beach Houses – Boats & Oysters

There is no camping around Port Arthur, so I found the gorgeous place just a few kms away. Arriving late afternoon you take a walk – and the camera. This time of day and early mornings provides stunning lighting. Oyster beds line the bay…the locals periodically go around and bash the random Pacific Oysters off the rocks as they impact the bay and the oyster farms. One last … Continue reading Nubeena – Beach Houses – Boats & Oysters

Something along the way….

Sometimes it is not all about the destination. If you take your time and really see your surrounds you can come across some interesting and fascinating sights! Obviously – on the way to Port Arthur! I’d never seen a foal drinking from its mum before (plenty of cows and sheep though) – so this was a delight to capture! A gorgeous General Store which stocked … Continue reading Something along the way….

Waiting for the boat…Triabunna

Never underestimate what you can see and do in a small town. Triabunna is the gateway for passage to Maria Island (pronounced ‘Mariah’ by the locals).  ‘Bugsy’ and I pulled into the local pub – Spring Bay Hotel for the night. They ask for a gold coin donation for the local Fire Fighters to camp on their grounds! So you buy a drink, a glass of a good local … Continue reading Waiting for the boat…Triabunna