Huonville – the land of Apples, apples, apples…

Huonville is renown for a few things, apples is one of them.

Acres and acres of apples trees line the highway, at times with no fences. It was late afternoon and I stopped to look at the orchards then realised that it was decades since I had picked an apple from a tree. Walking up and down the orchard isles looking for someone to ask, no one around, so I began looking for an honesty box. Nothing!

I had to pick one, I felt guilty by not asking, yet I just had to. Driving off in Bugsy towards Cygnet the guilt really kicked in. Seeing a road side apple stall, I pulled over to buy a bag to appease my guilt in some odd way. A bag of freshly picked apples only $2!!!

Oh yes they were crisp and juicy, despite their size.

Hmmm what else can you use apples for?  Apple Cider!!! They make plenty of this delicious sweet stuff around here.

They even have an Apple Museum!

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