Fishers Point Sea Life – Tasmania

This is why it took me four hours instead of the recommended two hours for the Fishers Point walk. I’d sit and watch the scenery or wander the rocks to look at the sea life.

P1880004 P1880007

P1870979 P1880019

P1880030 P1880034 P1880027

The best part about this walk was the absence of noise. Just the sounds of waves, birds, your footsteps and breathing. I was mesmerised by the sounds of the sea shells turning over on the sand by the waves.  A series of click, click, click as the wave came in and the same when the wave receded. It was an odd feeling to sit there on the sand listening and thinking….’I’ve never heard that sound before’.P1880067 P1880073 P1880075

I only met two other people on my return journey.

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