Fishers Point – Tasmania

A breathtaking early morning walk to Fishers Point at the bottom end of Tasmania.  Starting at Cockle Creek this easy *two hour walk takes you along various beaches that snug the southern coast of the Tasman Sea!

The bay is a renown and historical resting spot for yachts after their sometimes hazardous journey from the Indian Ocean.

I began around 7.30am and watched the sun cast its shadows on the sands and rocks.

P1870865 P1880123

P1870890 P1870923

P1870934The track markings are minimal although easy to follow as you keep walking the beach line and at times it will take you through short spurts of sparse bush.





On the way back you get a whole new perspective with the blue ranges and rock formations. You may even get to see some yachts motoring into the bay.

P1880050 P1880052

P1880012 P1880082

P1880098 P1880102



(*although I sauntered it in four hours, stopping at many points along the way just absorbing the glorious scenery and far too many images! haha)


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