Geeveston Tasmania – Timber Town

Over the past few weeks, I’d seen so many beautiful beaches that stopped me in my tracks time and time again. Now for a change of scenery, driving back up the south coast I was heading west to mountain and river country!

P1870595First stop Geeveston, an historically strong timber town and obviously proud by the tall signs on the road.  Ooops or should I say ‘Forest Town’!



The next sight was this ‘recycle yards’, people with lots of imagination and creative talents.

P1870596 P1870597

The Information Centre is run by the local people, not government departments. The ‘staff’ – mostly volunteers – are wonderfully friendly and helpful. The centre is packed with information about the trees of the area, including the famous Huon Pine. – see the diameter of this once ancient Huon pine tree with my car keys sitting on top for perspective!

P1870604 P1870606

P1870600I wanted to learn about this tree and the men who rowed up the Gordon River and through the gorges to cut down these incredible trees for their world renown qualities in boat building.

There was a video playing of  Two Men in a Punt by Gary Kerr which tells the story of  ‘The Piners’ .

“A very special tree, the Huon pine, grows only in the rainforests of Western Tasmania. Some trees have been dated at over three thousand years old.” “The loggers, known as piners, went to work in the Gordon river and its tributaries by special rowing boats, known as punts. Tough and resourceful men, they worked in the forest for up to three months at a time. We will never see their like again.”

Hmmmm maybe there will be a ‘Piner’ in Strahan?  Must check it out.

P1870607 P1870608

A local gentleman sits in the rooms making lino tiles for art works.

P1870610 P1870611 P1870613


Statues scatter the town of hand carved wooden figures. The bakery is a must to visit and sample.

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