The End of the Road – Cockle Creek, Tasmania

Driving to the far south of Tasmania, lies Cockle Creek. It is home to the most southern most street in Australia.

There are many kms of unsealed corregated road, and my two wheel drive was quite capable of the trip – however I was mostly in second gear!!!

1 P1870631 2 P1870642

People come here for the glorious beaches and walks. If you want to mark it as an adventure, take the easy four hour return trek to South Cape Bay and look across the ocean to the bottom of the world, Antarctica.

Or take the two hour return walk to Fishers Point (although I did it in four hours, from taking so many images and breathing in the glorious scenes!)

P1870646 P1870650

P1870666 P1870809-001

There is a strong history of logging in the area as well.



4 P1870632

Meeting up with two girls I’d met on the boat to Tasmania a few weeks earlier, we marked this special occasion with some of the delicious fresh local produce. Cherry and apricot season, apples and cheese and of course a bottle of good Tasmanian wine!






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