Luscious Lake Pedder – Tasmania

What can you say about Lake Pedder? Just go and embrace this glorious place!

I had wanted to visit Strathgordon, yet with the bushfires, the road was closed. Taking a left turn at the junction to Lake Pedder with 30 odd kms of unsealed road which was very well graded and flat.

Ahhh I counted many aviaries along this road, with the pristine conditions and its isolation I can see why there were so many. Tasmanian honey is well renown. I’ve bought eight different local honeys so far! Yes, you can certainly taste the difference from the commercial ones.

I arrived late afternoon and drover to the lookout and could not see another soul! Drove into one of the free campsites and there was one other person! Over the next few days only an small handful of people stayed in this magnificent place. Again, I’m not sure why places like this are not filled with people. It was tranquil and in a way I was glad it wasn’t crowded.

Dusk, mixed with some smoke from Srathgordon made a beautiful scene.

I woke early the next morning to glorious hues of the bushes and dam.

Pink sandstone and a cute paddymelon.


*Note: Just remember to keep your windows tightly shut (unlike me) as the white dust went through the van  haha It is not as bad as the red dust of the outback, yet it will save you a bit of cleaning!

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