Hells Gates – Macquarie Harbour – Strahan, Tasmania

Eager to see the famous Gordon River, there were too few ways to see it up close. I rarely book ‘tours’, yet there was little choice. So my excitement was not my usual ‘high’.

I always go with the flow as to the weather, yet I woke to a drizzly, overcast day – with a little disappointment . Reminding myself to trust the day will be perfect!!!

The cruise boat leaves  Strahan through Macquarie Harbour to Hells Gate, the narrow and sometimes treacherous gateway to the ocean – hence its name!

The winds were picking up as we sped through the harbour on a VERY stable catamaran. I LOVE the wind in my face, so I was up on the top deck for the whole journey, at times hanging on tightly, wind filling my jacket and using my scarf as a flag of sorts! haha  I was a wild and wooley time!

P1890505-001 P1890468-001

Most stayed in their seats in the warmth and comfort, viewing from a ‘safe platform’. Only venturing on deck for certain vantage points. Oh what they miss, it is the experience, not just the sights!

P1890470-001 P1890473-001

The narrow passage between the harbour and the ocean. It doesn’t look that rough, however apparently the currents are quite strong and at times the boat does not go outside these heads. Thank goodness they did on this day.

P1890483-001 P1890484-001 P1890485-001 P1890496-001

Second lighthouse to guide the ships into safe harbour.


Salmon farming in the harbour.


We began heading back through the harbour to the mouth of the Mighty Gordon River, a walk though the rainforest and much more!



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