Historical Rainforest at Strahan Tourist Information Centre

P1890342Information Centres are a minefield of information with super friendly and helpful staff all too willing to make your stay enjoyable.

Strahan’s centre has an added bonus, a ‘Rainforest’ you can walk through showing Strahan’s history and coloured past. Giving you a visual history lesson.

Beginning with a section on the original ‘owners’ of this land with individual , fighting for survial and their struggles for recognition.

P1890305 P1890313 P1890312 P1890310 P1890309

There is the history of the ‘Piners’. The men who rowed up the ‘Gordon River’ and gorges to find the elusive Huon Pine trees. These trees were prized for use in the boat building industry.

P1890307 P1890324

P1890316 P1890324

With a replica of a ‘Piners’ hut, made by one of the original piners.

P1890317 P1890318 P1890320 P1890328

And of course the world viewed and very controversial damming of the rivers. It was an extreme division!

P1890334 P1890333


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