Morrisons Timber Mills – Strahan – Part 2!

There is more to see than just the timber!

On the walls hang some of the original tools used by the ‘Piners’.

P1890368 P1890370 P1890369

In the yards outside, see the reclaimed timbers that have been washed down the Gordon River.

P1890927 P1890754

Another MUST is to have a look at the old photos of the Piners in the shed to the left of the mill to see how hard and what conditions they worked in during this time in the wilderness rivers.

P1890359 P1890346 P1890347 P1890348

When I was there, they were playing the DVD of ‘Two Men in a Punt. Part documentary, part re enactment with interviews from these men who braved these harsh conditions.

You get more of an understanding of how and why the Huon Pines were so prized and the industry.


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