Morrisons Timber Mills – Strahan

The name ‘Morrison’ is synonymous with anything ‘Pining’. The family were some of the original men who cut and milled the prized Huon Pine trees in the area.

The mill still stands by the water in Strahan and is now a wonderful tourist attraction.

Today, the timber mill still operates with cutting demonstrations of these magnificent pine trees. The Huon Pine trees are now protected, however the Morrison’s are licenced to ‘salvage’ any of the timbers that are washed down by the Gordon’s waters.

A slice of a log is cut using the original saw with ‘Snowy’ Morrison at the helm. You can feel the oils and smell the qualities of this timber. Shavings are sold and can be used in your drawers to keep any ‘bugs’ away from your clothes – a bit like moth balls! You can also buy un polished and un oiled pieces of this timber at a very reasonable price. Make a table, cutting boards, coasters, cheese platters. All you have to do is lightly sand and oil them to your desire.

P1890339 P1890344 P1890737 P1890742 P1890747 P1890838

The end product.

P1890366 P1890365



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