The Storm had set the Stage for Sarah Island – Australia’s Worst Penal Station!

The boat turned back from the calm waters of the Gordon River into Macquaire Harbour and to the infamous Sarah Island. As I mentioned before – it turned out to be the perfect weather to visit such a place!!! It gave us a small glimpse of what the convicts endured during their time spent on this small, yet lethal penal station.

P1890521 P1890680

The wind had really whipped up, and it was blowing fiercely. We were not even allowed on deck until the boat had been tied up.

P1890686 P1890690 P1890693

The ‘stage’ had been set for the horror and mystery stories of the colony to be re told by a local historian/actress.

Once we got past the wharf and behind the protection of the trees, all was calm. Remnants of buildings, oven and solitary cells.

P1890697 P1890702 P1890704

Sarah Island is reportedly THE worst convict penal station in Australia!  It housed the worst of the worst and it became an insidious life. The convicts would do anything; anything; including murder to escape this life of hell. Apparently, there were more escape attempts from this island than any other colony.

The site was chosen for its isolation and strong tidal currents, so convicts could not escape. Yet some did…and lived!

P1890713 P1890694 P1890699

There is a lot of fascinating stories of murders, canabalism, escapes, drowning, boat building, bribery and corruption. It began its operation in 1822 and only lasted for 11 years. Yet it has left its mark in history.

P1890714 P1890708


Close by was Grummet Island, chained convicts were rowed to the island to work or sleep. At times waves would cover the island.







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