Silver City – Zeehan and Tasmania’s Mining!

Leaving the west coast of Tasmania, heading to the heart of the rich mining area.

I could not find much on the town of Zeehan, so I thought I would stop for a coffee. Without much thought, I wandered over to the museum. Five hours later, I’m still gawking at the historic items this museum holds.  It has taken decades to collect all these items for this incredible, not to be missed museum.


A huge outside area, blacksmith buildings, a courthouse, Masonic building, theatre and more!

Zeehan was called ‘Silver City’ and it was a huge town back in the day with all its mineral wealth.




P1890961 P1890942

P1890952 P1900010

My favourite was the Blacksmith Workshop with all the tools and they have the occasional demonstration.

P1890963 P1890974

P1890971 P1890969  P1890986


Machinery Workshop…

P1900004 P1900005

P1890998 P1900006

A huge display of minerals and the history…

P1900025 P1900042

P1900016 P1900041

P1900043  P1900021

And of course, the theatre!!!

P1900046 P1900047

P1900048 P1900054

P1900049 P1900052




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